Review: Complicated Creatures: Part II by Alexi Lawless


Title: Complicated Creatures: Part II
Author: Alexi Lawless
Date of publication: 24 Oct 2014
Genre: Romantic suspense

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My rating: 4.5 Stars


"Isn't it terrible when love is not enough?" 

In the action-packed sequel to Complicated Creatures: Part One…

Jack Roman was perfectly happy living the life of a high-powered and charismatic philistine. He had time, money, women and a penchant for the fast life. Until he met his match in Samantha Wyatt and his obsession with her would take him to hell and back… 

Wes Elliott’s been dreaming of the muse he let go of as a young man—the woman he never forgot throughout his travels and the successes he’d left her to find. He always thought he’d see Sammy again—he just never expected her to be fighting for her life when he did… 

Samantha Wyatt is being challenged by her past, tested by her decisions, and hunted by her nemesis. As her dangerous present and enigmatic past collides, Samantha conducts the riskiest operation of her life, and the men who love her will be forced to decide: Do they trust her enough to let her protect them? And do they love her enough to let her go?


This was an emotional and action-packed sequel to Complicated Creatures: Part I (my review) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Its'w ritten in the same engaging style - detailed and well-researched with a lot of depth of feeling. We see even more character development and plot twists kept me on the edge and turning the pages impatiently. 

While this books continues Sam and Jack's many additional characters also take center stage. Wes tries to find his way back to Sam and even though he is a good guy by all means and I was not happy about the love triangle that he fromed with Sam and Jack. There was a particular episode in the story which some might consider cheating, thought I personally don't thing so, yet it made me feel a bit uneasy and really bad for Jack.

Sam's personal and professional life goes compeltely off in this installment. Everything around her is in motion and changing but this also leads her to re-examine a lot of her personal issues. For the first time we see this warrior-like woman who appears so strong and in total control, in a state of inner turmoil and completely lost.

Things get even more difficult for Jack and I felt bad for him. His love for Sam is so strong, all-encompassing, yet it scares and confuses him. He is led by the best of intentions but he also makes some costly mistakes that affect everyone around him. 

The story is told in multiple POVs and it's working really well, giving the readers different perspectives. This creates a lush background to all that is happening with the characters, main and supporting. 

The book ends with a kind of cliffhanger, not the worst possible, yet there are lot of things left to be cleared in the final installment in the series. Things could go either way for all the characters and there are still secrets from Sam's past to be revealed.

It's a recommended read for anyine who have read and enjoyed the first book. If you like romantic suspense with strong and intriguing characters and a lot of military action, you should give this series a try. There is also a novella told from Rush's POV coming in between books 1 and 2 and you can get it for 0.99 on Amazon and for FREE if you sign-up for Ms Alexi Lawless newsletter.

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