Friday Favourites


Santino Hassell - writer of contemporary romance (Five Boroughs series), co-author of the popular free online dystopian M/M series In the Company of Shadows


Ais - co-author of the popular free online dystopian M/M series In the Company of Shadows


Sarina Bowen - author of the NA romance series The Ivy Years and the Adult sport romance series, Gravity


Molly O'Keefeauthor of the contemporary/small-town romance series Boys of Bishop and more


Tammara Webber - author of the NA series Contours of the Heart


Jessica Topper - author of rocks star romance Louder Than Love and the contemporary romance series Much I Do about Nothing


Alexis Hall - author of queer romance and fiction


Amy Jo Cousins - author of NA queer/diverse series Bend or Break


Cara McKenna - author of erotic romance (After Hours, Hard Time, Unbound, etc) and romantic suspense series Desert Dogs


Alexi Lawless - author of romantic suspense series Complicated Creatures


Sandra Schwab - author of historical romance, including some Roman/gladiator romances (Eagle's Honor)


KJ Charles - author of fabulous historical (Society of Gentlemen) and paranormal (The Magpie Lord) romance series


Laura Florand - author of contemporary romance series about French chocolatiers (Amour et Chocolat) and perfume makers (La Vie En Rose) 


Sonali Dev - author of contemporary Indian/American romance (A Bollywood Affair and The Bollywood Bride)


Joanna Chambers - author of historical (Enlightenment series) and contemporary romance (Humbug)


Vanessa North - author of contemporary romance (Double Up, Rough Road, Blueberry Boys)


Jordan Castillo Price - author of speculative queer fiction (Mnevermind series, Psycop series and a number of standalones)


Kelly Jensen and Jen Burke - authors of the science fiction mm romance series Chaos Station


Cole McCade - author of Crow City series and upcoming PNR mm romance Shatterproof under the pen name Xen Sanders


Rose Lerner - author of historical romance (Lively St. Lemeston series)

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