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I've been doing What to Read posts with lists of recommendations for romances gathered around a specific topic/trope for a while now. I have also seen a lot of such lists with recommendations compiled by other readers/authors online and I find them very useful. This prompted me to create this page on my blog where I want to collect such lists in one places as a resource for other readers looking for their next read. Some lists are actual book recommendations while others are compilations of existing titles on specific topic.

If you have complied any lists with recommendations for romance novels and want me to link to them here, you can drop me a message ( or just leave a comment here. 

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- Adele Buck (librarian / romance writer) is an avid maker of list, here is what she has compiled so far:

Cinnamon Heroes Part I and Part II - complied by Olivia Dade (romance writer)

Librarian Heroines - complied by KT Gilbert (romance writer)

- More Librarians in Romance - compiled by Wendy (librarian and romance reader)

- Historical romances with good Asian representation - compiled by Suleikha Snyder (romance writer) - Twitter thread

- Royal Romances with POC - compiled by Alyssa Cole (romance writer) - Twitter thread

- Corey Alexander is romance writer/reviewer and they have a bunch of rec posts for their favourite books on their review site

- STEM Heroines in Romance - compiled by Alexis and Eri, book bloggers at Lacy Literacy

You can find the ones I have done HERE 
(Crossover Romances; Romances set Around the World; Romances with older MCs (age gap romances included); Neurodivergent MCs; Foodie Romances)

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