News update on Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley


I can't help but share with you some exciting news on the next book by Kristen Ashley. As you probably know Own the Wind, the first book in the Chaos series and a spin-off of Motorcycle Man (Dream Man series) is coming out as an ebook on 2 April 2013. It will tell the story of Tack's daughter, Tabby and his brother from Chaos MC, Shy. 

So, the great news is that you can download he first two chapters of the book form KA website. I have to warn you, though. Read them on your own risk, they are absolutely addictive. It will be a seriously long wait till 2 April. If you have not read the Motorcycle Man, you still have time to do it before Own the Wind it out.  Knowing the story of Tack and Tyra will make you appreciate the first Chaos even more. Well, I also now is the right time to admit that Kane ''Tack'' Allen is is my absolute favourite alpha male of all Kristen Ashley's heroes, and there are some seriously swoon-worthy characters in her books - Raid, Tate, Wood, Ty, Mitch Lawson, to name a few. Will Shy get a place among them, we will see in less than a month :)

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