Delirium Trilogy to be Made into TV Series


Here is the start to the latest section in the Blog - Books into Movies. As I am currently reading Requiem by Lauren Oliver I find it only fitting to share the news of the TV series adaptation of the Delirium Trilogy. The initial idea was for Fox company (which the rights to the books in 2011) to adapt the books into a film series  for the big screen but later the concept was changed to TV series. In January 2013 it was officially announced that the series were given a green light. The show will scripted and produced by Karyn Usher (Prison Break). 

As a big fan of the book series on the one hand and a big of TV series in general, I am very happy about this news. I am really excited about the upcoming show and hope that it will do justice to the complex characters in the novels and the beautiful writing style of Lauren Oliver. Creating a true to the books version both of the Deliria-infected and free Wilds and the Deliria-free and regulated Portland will be quite a challenge. 

You can read Lauren Oliver's really happy reaction to this news on her website.

And finally, meets the actors cast for main characters in the pilot episode:

Emma Roberts as Lena Haloway. It is not exactly how I pictured Lena, still I hope that she will represent faithfully Lena's nature.

Daren Kagasoff - Alex Sheathes. Good choice for the boy with hair the colour of autumn.

Jeanine Mason - Hana Tate

Gregg Sulkin - Julian Fineman. Fits perfectly to my own image of Julian.

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