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I'm starting the new year with a selection of the best books I read the previous one. Looking back on 5 years of book blogging I realised I have rarely managed to keep my favourites list down to ten titles, and this one is no different. So, here is the list of my favourite 17 books I read in 2017. It's mostly new releases though there are some titles from previous years which I only got to read this past year.

Best 17 romances I read in 2017

1/ The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles. I don't know why I waited so long to read this. It's a mix of historical romance and some horror tales. It's my favourtie of KJ Charles' books that I have read. So beautifully written, so heart-wrenching. In my mind it has a most deserved HEA though the underlining sadness and hurt is almost too much to bear. Amazon

2/ A Crown of Bitter Orange by Laura Florand. Another favourite book by Laura Florand. I really enjoy this series and this time we see a hero with ADHD and a heroine struggling with commitment. Both have a lot of baggage but also have loved each other since they were kids and are only now learning/trying to share their feelings with each other. Review / Amazon

3/ Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders. A fantastic debut m/f romance about a woman overcoming horrific abuse and the giant with the gentlest heart who helps her do it. Review / Amazon

4/ Pretty Face by Lucy Parker. A m/f contemporary romance set in the London theatre/TV world, age gap, opposites attract kind of romance. Review / Amazon

5/ Madly by Ruthie Knox, a m/f romance, part of a series but works as a standalone. It's an age gap story with young, artistic but also successful business woman and an older divorced man who has lost his direction in life. There is a sex list involved and some suspense plot leading to deep intimacy and true connection between two people. Review / Amazon

6/ An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole. This was my first by this author and it's an outstanding m/f romance set in the Civil War in the US. Amazing, super smart Black spy heroine and a charming white guy who is also a spy. So many feels and intense suspense. Review / Amazon

7/ Silver Silence by Nalini Signh, spin off the Psy-changling series, can be read as standalone. It's about the extraordinary psy Silver Merchant and Valentin, the alpha of a bear shifter clan. There is a secondary m/m plotline (first in ta series of over 15 books so far) and an interesting twist of the amnesia trope. Review / Amazon

8/ Abroad by Liz Jacobs is stunning debut, queer NA romance about finding oneself and one’s place in the world. Review / Amazon

9/ The Layover by Roe Horvat, debut mm romance, some angst in a forced proximity situation. I loved the powerfully presented European setting. Review / Amazon

10/ Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai. It's my first book by this author and my mind was blown. This is a m/f romance with a heroine with depression, complicated family dynamics. Review / Amazon

11/ Beard in Mind by Penny Reid. It's a romcom with some serious edge. It's part of the Winston Brothers series but works well as standalone. The author gave us a heroine with OCD, that broke my heart and a hero ready to stand by/with her. Review / Amazon

12/ Dear Mona Lisa by Claire Davis and Al Steward. I read this following the estatic praise by my most of my reader friends. It's unlike anything I;ve read before, two older MCs, one with synethesia The writing is truly mesemrising. It's a powerful story of love, despite strong homophobia. CW for death of an infant. Amazon

13/ Beginner’s Luck by Kate Clayborn. Another great debut on my best books list. This a m/f contemporary romance with a scientist heroine trying to set roots and a hero with ADHD trying to recruit her for a big corporation. This is a story about family and friends and people we love and care about. Review / Amazon

14/ Caroline’s Heart by Austin Chant. I have all the love this historical trans PNR with cowboys and witches and spells and the most gorgeous writing. Review / Amazon

15/ The Love Experiment by Ainslie Paton. This is my first book by this author and I enjoyed it a lot. It's a m/f office romance with two journalists forced to work together who go from enemies to lovers. It's about who we are, how we adapt our dreams to the changing world around us. Review / Amazon

16/ Handmade Holidays by 'Nathan Burgoine. This is a Christmas novella, following a group of queer friends as they make it through the holidays over 15 Christmases. It's very sweet, nostalgic, hopeful and poignant. Review / Amazon

17/ The Doctor’s Discretion by EE Ottoman is a trans historical romance set in 1830s New York. One of the MCs is POC, the other is trans and disabled. Theirs is a story about kindness and empathy and being human and most importantly love. Review / Amazon

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