Recommended Reads: January 2015


It was a rocky start to my reading this year - some amazing read, some disappointments from favourite authors, some free short and extremely long reads. Quite a month!

I have two favourite books this month and they both happen to be romantic suspense stories - Evenfall by Santino and Ais and Lay It Down by Cara McKenna.

Genre/Themes: Dystopia, queer romance, agents
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I read the directors cut of the first book which is divided in two parts. This is an amazingly complex and enthralling series and I'm excited to continue with it. Fans of dystopian stories with lots of action, complex plot and touching (m/m) romance shouldn't hesitate trying this series. 

Genre/Themes: Romantic suspense, bikers, small town
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I also have two honourable mentions this week, books I enjoyed a lot but they didn't quite make it into the Best of the Best list. 

Genre/Themes: New Adult, Romance, College
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I love Ms Milan's historical romance but the words Billionaire CEO in the blurb of this contemporary made me hesitant to try it. I'm glad I gave it a chance since it turned out to be a great NA story and a good start of rather promising series. Great writing style, intriguing premise, witty dialogue and amazing characters. Even if you don't generally read NA romance, I think you should try this one!

Genre/Themes: Dystopia, M/M Romance
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I had great expectations for this book and all my friends loved it but I just liked it a lot. It's intriguing and unique, well written with strong, complex characters. Desmond was not easy to like but I ended rooting for things to work out for him. Not sure what was missing for me to make a 5-star read but I can recommend it to anyone looking for a different story - bleak and gloomy, somewhat desperate, yet ultimately, hopeful and romantic in its own way.

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