Review: Finally, Forever by Katie Kacvinsky


Title: Finally, Forever (First Comes Love #3)
Author: Katie Kacvinsky
Releasse Date: May 9th, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

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My rating: 4 Stars


Author's Note: Can be read as book three of the First Comes Love series, or as a standalone .

College baseball player, Gray Thomas, had to go far out into left field to find a girl like Dylan, the ex-love-of-his-life. More than a year later, literally at a crossroads, they find each other together on a journey that is a pause between a painful past and an uncertain future. In this sexy and offbeat summer read, Gray and Dylan discover that a destination isn't always a place. More often, it's a person. Now it's time for them to finally decide, is this forever?


This is the perfect completion of an incredible NA romance series. It's not your typical love story. It's a crazy beautiful journey of two unique people towards one another in search of who they are and what their place in the world is.

This book can be read as a standalone, but I strongly recommend to read books 1 and 2 in order to get the full story of Gray and Dylon. You wouldn't want to miss any of the twists and turns, heartbreak and joy of their romance.

Finally, Forever starts 15 months after the events in the end of book 2 (where Dylan and Gray broke up both thinking it's best for the other person to be free to follow his/her dreams). Now they meet by chance and discover than neither of them has moved on - you can't really put your soulmate, the true love of your life behind that easily, or at all.

Gray and Dylan end on a sort of road trip and after some initial misunderstandings and some crazy adventures, neither of them can deny the strong feelings for the other.

For me this is a story about choices, about discovering what matters in life and going after it, about making compromises and learning to give. I love the theme of journey as a metaphor for the growth and development of the characters. 

I've loved both Dylan with her craziness, her optimism, her propensity to give love and Gray with his darkness, his calm and introvert behaviour from the start. They are complete opposites but they complement each other perfectly. They each give the other what is needed to make him/her a better person.

There is a lot of angst and pain in this story, but also a lot of love and hope.

At first, I didn't like the ending very much. It was like fate brought them together and neither of them made an effort to make it happen. When I thought more about it, though, I realized that it was because they made the conscious decision to try to make things work out between them, that fate helped them by bringing them together in the same city for the first time. It was the right time for both of them and they had learned what they needed to learn in order to be together finally forever.

In conclusion, the whole Love Comes First series stand out among the rest of the New Adult romances out there with great writing and amazing and truly unique characters. Dylan and Gray are witty and funny and their sometimes clever, more often ridiculously random observations on life, love, family, friendships make this series a real pleasure to read.

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