The Kraken King Parts V and VI by Meljean Brook


Title: The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart
Author: Meljean Brook
Date of publication: 13 May 2014
Genre/themes: Romance, Steampunk, Adventure

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My rating: 5 Stars


With their lives and the fate of an empire at stake, Ariq is forced to leave Zenobia behind. Held captive by their enemies, Zenobia can only pray that Ariq keeps his promise to come for her—until a terrible loss prods her to action.

Ariq has no intention of handing over the Skybreaker to the two men responsible for the marauders’ attacks against Krakentown—but without a ransom to give them, Ariq must risk everything to rescue Zenobia and stop the swarming forces bent on destruction…

Title: The Kraken King Part VI: The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls
Author: Meljean Brook
Date of publication: 20 May 2014
Genre/themes: Romance, Steampunk, Adventure

Author's links: Website Facebook / Twitter Goodreads

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My rating: 4 Stars


Reunited, Ariq and Zenobia must journey over the red wall and make a desperate appeal to the one woman with enough power to halt the marauders’ plans—the Empress of Nippon.

But even the Kraken King cannot demand the attentions of an empress. Masked and quarantined, Ariq and Zenobia are forced to bide their time. Despite the fact that they are as physically close as two people can be, Zenobia is trying to keep the man she can’t help but love at a distance, terrified she’ll be hurt again. And all the while, the mysteries of the Living City grow around them…


The story keeps its intensity and fast pace in these two installments. Ms Brook adds some more political intrigues to the already complex plot and we finally see Ariq and Zenobia come together as a couple. 

Apart for the adventures (Part V is quite action-packed), we also learn more about the inner world of the characters. Zenobia shows some of her fears and Ariq is rather explicit in expressing his desires. 

I really like how Ms Brook mixes a true adventure story with a larger-than-life romance in this serial. There are many plot twists and turns which keep me turning the pages feverishly.

In theses two installments Ariq and Zenobia meet unexpected allies and new enemies. We see a new side Helene, Zenobia's friend, which was a pleasant surprise. 

The whole serial so far shapes as a gripping tale of love and honour, deceit and valour, a story of moral choices. At the same time it has this other, personal layer where we see a moving tale of one woman's and one man' fears and dreams, desires and duties.

I liked Part V most of all. It blended nicely the adventure and the love story. Part VI was more focused on Ariq and Zenobia as a couple and it lacked some of the action of the previous parts. 

I'm really excited about the final two episodes. There are a lot of plotlines that need to be completed and only one thing is certain - it will be an exciting ride.

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