My 2015 in books and blogging


I debated a long time if I should do a year-in-review type of post and if I do it what I should include in it. Finally decided to do it and here we go. 

2015 was a great year for me both in terms of reading and blogging - I read some awesome books, discovered some amazing authors who quickly became favourites of mine, continued with familiar and well loved series. 

I've always been an adventurous reader and this continued during this year. I started reading more LGBT books, mostly mm and I'm really enjoying it. I tried historical mm (Joanna Chambers, KJ Charles) for the first time and I became a fan of it right away.

I'm reading less and less YA, though I made a return to NA (het and mm) and my faith in the subgenre was restored (Amy Jo Cousins and Sarina Bowen are to blame for this)

I focused more on my blogging and I'm really happy and proud of the way things are going. I started doing author spotlights on the blog with short interviews favourite things and some book recommendations. I'm becoming more confident as a reviewer and book blogger and I started writing for EverAfer Romance. I have more plans in this direction for the New Year, though I'm keeping quiet on them for now. I also stared doing interviews with authors (I have done only one, with Cara McKenna, and I was really nervous about it but I think it turned out great and now I'm willing to more of them in the future).

In terms of what happened during the year - there are two book events that are the highlights for me - the second edition of Queer Romance Month and the Hassell and Hall FB group being born.

I loved QRM last year, it was fun and thought-provoking and it really started this journey that I'm on now. This year the event was quieter for me, though still powerful with some awesome posts. It brought to my attention a lot of new authors I'm still to read.

H&H is my happiest place online - It's a closed group moderated by Santino Hassell and Alexis Hall and I met some fabulous people there and made some new friends. It can be both fun and serious but what it the most important is that it is free from judgement and hate unlike most of the online places latest.

What I'm hoping for in 2016 is to find some new great authors and stories, to expand my reading horizons by trying new genres/styles, to improve my reviewing style, to have more book discussions with friends and like-minded people. Most of all to just enjoying all the good books out there!

And here are the two posts where I share my favourite books of 2015 - Part I and Part II

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