Book Blogging #3: Book Blog Memes


There are a lot of book memes going on the blogosphere and I found them confusing initially but after almost two years of blogging and having tried a few of them, I'm still no expert on the topic, still I to share my experience as part of my posts on book blogging.

Participating in book memes is a great way to meet new bloggers and discover great books and other book related things. It's time consuming, though, so I'd suggest to do it only as long as you are enjoying yourself and not treating it as a chore or a task that you have to accomplish by all means in order to have a popular/successful blog. I've made some great friendships through the book memes I've done and I'm still doing. Now, that I'm back to work full time, I've cut on the memes I'm participating. Here are of my favourite ones: 

Teaser Tuesday - hosted by Miz B
at Should be Reading  
It's the first meme I participated in and the longest one I have done. It requires you to share two random sentences from your current read. Instead of picking up random ones, I choose very carefully an intriguing snippet of the story I'm currently reading and the one I've just finished. It's a fun and easy meme. My only complaint about it is that the main post (where you can share your link) didn't always go up at the same time an I had to check a number of times during the day in order to link up my post. I'm not longer participating in this meme on the blog, although I post the occasional #TeaserTuesday post on my FB  page.
Popularity - Medium, there are some Christian blogs participating

Top Ten Tuesday - hosted at The Broke and the Bookish
It features a list of 10 (or less) bookish things - books, characters, topics, etc. The topics are listed on the site well in advance and there some very interesting ones. I've participated a few times and I have a great time. On the downside, I find it very time consuming to prepare my weekly post.
Popularity - High

Waiting on Wednesday - hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine
It's a weekly meme where blogger share the their most anticipated books. I started participating in this meme just recently and I really enjoy it. I can prepare my post in advance (I have far too many books I'm looking forward to be released) which is very convenient for me now that I have less time for blogging.
Popularity - High

I started my own (small) monthly meme - Recommended Reads - where I present the best books I read in the past month. I've only done it the past 3 months and I'd be happy if more people would join in (with posts or just comments with their recommended reads).
Populatiry - Very low (hopefully, just for now)

You can look for my Recommended Reads from November post next Sunday. Don;t forget to join me with your best reads of the months.

For a full list of active book memes, check the Book Blog Meme Dicrectory compiled by Booshelf Fantasies.

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