Teaser Tuesday 44


Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Here are the rules:

• Grab your current read 
• Open to a random page 
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page 
• Be careful not the include spoilers! 
• Share the title & author so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers. 

I have modified them slightly for my Teasers. It will not be two sentences from a random page but two, usually more, sentences from the pages I have read so far that have struck me as most interesting, original or that I just happen to like a lot.

This week's teaser comes from The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand (my review). It book 6 in her Amour et Chocolat series and I have read the last three and really enjoyed them a lot. They are all tender and very sensual romantic stories of troubled French chocolatiers meeting, courting and winning some fabulous American women. 

The Chocolate Temptation can be read as a standalone but I'd recommend that you read The Chocolate Heart (my review) before that since it's there that we meet Patrick and Sarah for the first time and the stories in these two books take place parallel to one another. 

" Her heart hiccuped at that word you, pronounced as if it was some glorious prize. As if no more wondrous prize could even exist. "I'm not ... I'm not Cinderella?""

The Chocolate Temptation - Laura Florand

Goodreads Blurb

She hated him.
Patrick Chevalier. The charming, laid-back, golden second-in-command of the Paris pastry kitchen where Sarah worked as intern, who made everything she failed at seem so easy, and who could have every woman he winked at falling for him without even trying. She hated him, but she’d risked too much for this dream to give up on it and walk out just so he wouldn’t break her heart.

But he didn’t hate her.
Sarah Lin. Patrick’s serious, dark-haired American intern, who looked at him as if she could see right through him and wasn’t so impressed with what she saw. As her boss, he knew he should leave her alone. The same way he knew better than to risk his heart and gamble on love.

But he was never good at not going after what – or who – he wanted.

He could make magic out of sugar. But could he mold hate into love?

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  1. Couldn't resist peaking at your teaser when I saw the title! Great teaser, after reading the synopsis I think I might have to add this one to my TBR pile - really love the cover art.

  2. Nice teaser and the blurb intrigues me!

    Here's my TT :)

  3. Those sound like an interesting series of romances. I'll have to add them to my list. My teasers this week are from Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee and Cress by Marissa Meyer. Happy reading!

  4. What a teaser! Thanks for sharing!!

    Here is my teaser

  5. Cute! Looks like a fun story too! Here is my teaser:

  6. Yay, Ellie!! I hope you love this as much as I did! Laura Florand's writing is just beyond amazing! :)


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