Review: Never Too Far By Abbi Glines


Title: Never Too Far (Too Far 2)
Author: Abbi Glines
Date of publication: 26 February 2013
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Available on: Amazon, B&N,
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My rating: 3 stars

Never Too Far is the sequel to Fallen Too Far where Abbi Glines completes the story of Rush and Blaire. I really liked the first book and was looking forward to enjoying the second one, as well. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with it. 

Never Too Far picks up the story where the first book finished - the painful break-up of Blaire and Rush and her return to her hometown. Blaire struggles to find her place and start her life anew but eventually she is forced by the circumstances (and some very misguided interference on the part of  Cain) to return to ... From then on we have the story of Rush trying to make it up to her and all this leading a very happy end. 

I enjoyed the first half of the book. Both Rush's and Blaire's inner sufferings and turmoil were convincingly represented and sounded real and true. But somewhere around the middle of the book (it is a short and quick read, actually) things started to fall apart for me. Blaire was presented as far too naive and innocent at one moment, and as completely sex-crazed, at the next. I really liked Rush in the first book and for most part in the first half of this one, but gradually his cocky, rock-star, jaded persona was replaced by an indecisive, childish and possessive guy. The secondary characters also fell into stereotypes (Woods, Nan) or were miraculously redeemed (Blaire's dad).

Towards the end the plot did a 180 degree turn which which felt out of place and logic. I was most disappointed with the ending, though. It was a happy end for Blaire and Rush, even for their families to some extent, yet it seemed rushed and incomplete. An additional chapter or an epilogue would greatly benefit the story.

All this said, there are also a number of things I liked about this book. Abbi Glines keeps her signature simple and sweet style. I appreciate the dual POV, both Blaire and Rush voice their thoughts clearly in this book. I particularly enjoyed the insights into Rush's mind, since they were not present so much in the first book.

Last minute news:

For all the fans there, the latest news from Ms Glines is that there WILL be a third book of Blaire and Rush (possibly in the summer of 2013), so we can look forward to a more detailed Happily Ever After for the Finlay family. 

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