Review: If You Stay by Courtney Cole


Overall rating: 3 Stars

If You Stay tells the a story of redemption and salvation (quite literal in the very first chapter). Pax is tattooed and jaded bad-boy "asshole" in his own words and Mila is a nice-girl photographer/paiter. They meet under pretty unusual circumstances, you can say :) and the relationship they developed finally saves them both from their nightmares. "Love never fails" is a recurrent motif in the story and it basically sums it up rather well. 

As a whole, I had higher expectations about this book from reading the blurb. It has a powerful opening, raw and uncensored. Unfortunately, gradually the novel falls into stereotypes - about love and saving yourself down to ridiculous dream interpretations. The author's writing is simple and a bit repetitive, but my main dislike is the oversimplification of the story. 

The author touches upon some serious issues such substance abuse, domestic violence and murder, yet they are presented rather superficially. The issues they cause for Pax and Mila are somehow too easily resolved in a rush to reach a Happily Ever After in the end. 

I don't mean to be too critical of this book. It has its nice and heart-warming moments but it definitely is nothing memorable for me.  

Check If You Stay on Goodreads for more information and different opinions. 

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