January 2020 Releases


I am starting a new feature where at the end of the month I will do a spotlight post with the next month's releases I am excited to read. I will be sharing it on Twitter as well and in the months when I have already read and review an ARC of an upcoming title I will be linking to my review. This is similar to the EuroRomTalk newsletter we did with a couple of friends in 2019 but sadly, we will not be continuing it in 2020. I am focusing only on titles I am interested in reading, it's mostly romance but there is also SFF as I started reading more of it in 2019 and plan and want to continue in that direction. For a much wider list of upcoming romance releases check out The Book Queen's site.

Off the Record by Rebecca Crowley. This is the final book in a trilogy of contemporary m./f romances featuring three brothers trying to run a newspaper. I love this author’s football series, and I decided to try this as well. The first book didn’t really work for me but the second was much better and I am looking forward to this one with hope and trepidation. Out on 16 Jan. Add on Goodreads / Buy on Amazon

Headliners by Lucy Parker. I have read and loved everything Lucy Parker has written and I am currently reading and loving this one too. It’s enemies to lovers between two rival TV presenters (whom we met in the Austen Playbook). Out on 20 Jan. Add on Goodreads / Buy on Amazon

Mermaid Inn by Jenny Holiday. First book in a new series of contemporary romance. I enjoyed her Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series and I am curious about her next project. Out on 28 Jan. Add on Goodreads / Buy on Amazon

Whiteout by Adriana Anders. Romance suspense set in Alaska. I admit I am intrigued by the setting and I haven’t read a romantic suspense in ages so I am looking forward to this. I have loved some of this authors books, others have been a complete miss for me, so I am cautiously intrigued. Out on 28 Jan. Add on Goodreads / Buy on Amazon

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