Friday Favourites with Roe Horvat


Today I have a special Friday Favourites post. My guest is Roe Horvat whose third book, A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat, is released today. I discovered their writing earlier when a friend on Twitter recommended Roe's debut, The Layover, which ended up being one of my #bestbooks2017. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of their newest release and after reading it I can say is "Wow. What a ride." What speaks to me the most in Roe's books is how deeply European they feel, all the details are there and it makes me feel right at home in their writing world. Anyway, I will be reviewing A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat soon and in the meantime read on to get to know Roe Hrovat a bit better and don't forget to grab your copy of it. 

Friday Favourites

1. Favourite place
My backyard—a wooden patio, strawberries, a steep cliff, and a view over Gothenburg.

2. Favourite food and drink

Favorite: A proper hamburger with bacon and cheese, and strawberry daiquiri. However, I can’t imagine my life without bread, butter, and beer – those are necessary.

3. Favourite music/genre/artist/song

Morphine (Cure for Pain)

4. Favourite movie/TV series

A Room with a View (1985), Kontroll (Hungary, 2003) 

Iron Man, Avengers

Black Books, Red Dwarf

5. Favourite hobby besides writing, if you consider writing a hobby

Reading :D

I walk, too. Preferably alone.

6. Favourite books 

All time:

Douglas Adams

Jane Austen

Bohumil Hrabal

Charlotte Brontë

…I’m sure I forgot someone important.

LGBTQA+ fiction and romance:

They know :D

7. Please introduce your latest/upcoming release (what inspired you to write, what can the readers expect from it, etc.)

A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat comes out today – Dec 15th. It’s a sad book about finding happiness and a peace of mind. Simon is my closest imaginary friend (I have to say “imaginary”—otherwise they might lock me up), and I needed him to stop suffering—so I wrote him a chance for a better life.

A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat

Beaten Track Publishing

m/m contemporary romantic fiction novel, 63000 words

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Simon had always expected love to feel different than this. Whether it was his Catholic upbringing or the poetry he’d read—Simon had thought that true love would be uplifting, fulfilling, that it would give a meaning to his loitering, and add joy to his leisure. But not this kind of love. This love was a flesh-eating monster, sharp-clawed and evil-eyed, ravishing his mind with medieval cruelty.

Dr Simon Mráz is a respected specialist and lecturer at the Charles University in Prague. He is a serious man, responsible. His students call him The Cruel Doctor Frost not because he’s unkind, but because of his unwavering, ice-cold composure. As a psychiatrist, he values sanity. And sanity can be found in work, restraint, and self-control.

Not many know of that one time in the past when The Cruel Doctor Frost lost his cool. His ill-advised, secret affair with a student left Simon deeply wounded. Since that day, every minute of Simon’s life has been a struggle to remain sane, functioning. He’s managed so far—as long as he is needed, as long as his work makes a difference, Simon can scrape together enough strength to get up in the morning and run off the nightmares. But when his friends begin drifting away, his beloved protégé becomes independent, and the man who bereaved Simon of his precious sanity might return… Simon’s mind and body stop responding to his impressive willpower. 

Author Bio and Links

Roe was born in former Czechoslovakia and endured a miserable adolescence in the post-communist wasteland. Equipped with a dark sense of sarcasm, they left for Germany and later, Spain.

Finally, they settled in Sweden, where the weather is nasty but the freedom great. Roe works as a motion graphics artist, loves Jane Austen, Douglas Adams and everything in between, preferably by the fireplace with a strawberry daiquiri in hand. Roe writes contemporary romantic fiction – it conveniently balances out their real-life pragmatism.

When not hiding in the studio doing graphics, Roe can be found trolling cafés in Gothenburg, writing, and people-watching.

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