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Welcome to another post of the series "What to read" where I present lists with my favourites on a given topic/subgenre/theme and then add the recommendations I got for it on Twitter. Here are links to the previous posts in the series: 

This time I'll be talking about romances with characters working in the food industry where making food and consuming it are central/important elements in the overall story. 

Disclaimer: I use Amazon affiliates links on my blog to support my reading/book blogging. I have also included links to my reviews of the books I have read.

1. Amour et Chocolat series by Laura Florand. It is this mf romance series that prompted me to seek more recs for foodie romances and to write this post. The heroes in these are top French chefs, making the most delicious deserts and food plays a really central role in their stories. So much focus is placed on preparing the food, and them consuming it and the joy it brings people, the primal expression of caring for someone by feeding them and making them sigh in pleasure/sensory overload. I love all the books but Dom and Patrick are definitely my favourite heroes.

2. Paris Nights is another mf foodie series of Laura Florand, this time it's about women chefs and here the focus is more on their struggles to reach top professional level and how to balance or even find room at all for personal connections (and love, bedsides the one for food making) in their lives. These are more topical, touching on some political issues (terrorism, racial prejudice). My review of Trust Me (book 3)

3. Afternoon Delight by Anne Calhoun, a mf erotic novella where the heroine owns a food truck and hero is paramedic. Rich, sensual, lots of focus on making food and the delight it brings eating it/feeding it to someone. My review

4. A Taste of Honey by Rose Lerner, another mf erotic novella, this one is set in Victorian times. A confectioner and his shop assistant. Shy, virgin hero and slightly less experienced but equally shy heroine overcome their what holds them back and explore carnal pleasure. Beautifully written with  focus on desserts so much that it made me crave all the sweets while reading it. My review

5. Beard Science by Penny Reid, mf romcom, where the heroine is a baker (in fact an undisputed local competition winner, know as the Banana Cake Queen!) and hero is mechanic (and overall smartass weirdo) Not what I expected from Cletus but such a powerful story about the choices we make, the assumptions, the guilt and responsibility and finding oneself. My review

Here are the foodie romance people on Twitter recommended when I asked:

1. Delicious Desires series by Sabrina Sol, mf romance series with MCs who are chefs, bakers, restaurateurs. I saw mixed reviews of the series on GR but it got recommended to me by friends on Twitter

2. Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy, book 3 in erotic BDSM romance series, can be read as standalone

3. Small Change by Parrish, mf (heroine is bi) romance, hero owns a sandwich shop.

4. Chef's Table by Lynn Charles, mm romance where a driven top chef meets local short order cook and they fall in love

5. The Sucre Coeur series by Lissa Reed, queer series (mm and ff romances) with MCs in the food business - bakers, baker owner, pastry shop decorator. Mixed reviews on GR

6. The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barbara O'Neal, mf romance/women's fiction

7. Trust with a Chaser (May-December) and Tender with a Twist (kinky, BDSM), mm series by Annabeth Albert, MCs that co-own a tavern, one of them is a chef

8. Team Phison by Chace Verity, May-December mm romance, both MCs in work in the food industry

9. Idlewild by Jude Sierra, mm romance is also set in the food industry, one MC own a restaurant and hire the other MC to work in his kitchen
10. Tied Score by Elia Winters, mf romance, hero owns a bakery

11. Under the Knife by Laurin Kelly, mm romance set at reality TV cookery contest with 2 competitors falling for each other

12. Mourning Jack by S. A. Meade, mm romance, the narrator is a chef

13. If I Should Stumble by Claire Davies and Al Stewart, mm romance where one the MC's is a baker, the other a refugee

14. Hudson Valley series by Alice Clayton, mf romcom

15. Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen, mf romance, hero is a farmer and cider maker, heroine is a chef. it's not my favourite in the True North series but lots of friends love it

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