Review: The Mutt: An Order Short Story by Kasia Bacon


Title: The Mutt: An Order Short Story
Author: Kacia Bacon
Date of publication: 20 Jan 2017
Genre/themes: Fantasy mm romance, elfs, short story

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My rating: 4 stars


I, Ervyn Morryés of the Black Mountain clan, know all about control.

As the only fair-haired Dark Elf in the Highlands, I had to learn to control my fists and my temper in the face of derision. 

To become the best archer amongst my peers, I had to learn to control my breathing and my movements.

But the day the half-breed called Lochan Féyes arrived at the training camp, my discipline faltered. Because—sweet gods—when I am around that aloof, blue-eyed assassin, my need is uncontrollable.


This is the debut work of Kasia Bacon, a short story introducing the fantasy world inhabited by elves and humans of her upcoming mm fantasy The Order.

It's a quick read which I found rather engaging. The world building is really detailed and atmospheric. I likes the easy flow of the story and found the writing really beautiful. We don't see much of the characters but what we do see makes me excited learn more about them. Things between then start off mostly as sexual attraction but there is the promise of a lot more happening in the future.

I have a minor quibble with certain elements in the sex scene but it's more a matter of personal preference and not any fault on the author's side.

The glimpses in the side characters, as well as potential conflicts in the upcoming novel are lovely and intriguing.

Overall, this is a great introduction into an interesting mm romance set in an intriguing and richly developed (even withing the confines of the small size of a short story) which I'm intrigued to read.

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