Mini Review: Salvation of Vengeance by Nancy Havilland


Salvation of Vengeance by Nancy Haviland
Title: Salvation of Vengeance (Wanted Men #2)
Author: Nancy Haviland
Genre: Romance, bikers, mafia
Release date: 24 March 2015

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My rating: 3 Stars


Only something as important as her best friend’s wedding to mob boss Gabriel Moretti could allow Nika Paynne a reprieve from captivity. Her abusive husband has kept her under his thumb with footage of her beloved brother, Caleb, killing another man. But the respite from her violent life isn’t the only draw. Vincente Romani—Gabriel’s deadliest guardian—will be one of the best men at the wedding, and Nika has lingering thoughts about the fascinating mobster…covetous thoughts that may put her life in danger.

With the heartbreak he’s suffered and the brutality he effortlessly delivers, Vincente knows he’s the last person who can offer Nika a happily-ever-after. But his vow remains. He will do everything in his power to free his redhead from her violent prison—even if that means losing her forever.

In the second thrilling and passionate Wanted Men book, a dangerous line is drawn between loyalty to the mob and loyalty to one’s heart.


I haven't read many mafia romance and was curious to try more. this is the second book in Wanted Men series and it can be read as a standalone but I do feel it would be better if you read book 1 first in order to meet the characters,

I did enjoy the story both in terms of romance and suspense. I'd describe the beginning as a bit overwhelming - too many characters too quickly and briefly introduced. It was difficult for me to keep track of who's who. That is where having read book 1 before comes in handy. 

Despite this, the story grabbed me from the start. Nika's sacrifice for her brother and her husband's abuse were powerfully presented giving the book a rather raw and gritty feel. The main conflict kept the suspense going strong till the very end. In fact I felt it overshadowed the love story a lot of times which is unfortunate for a romance novel.

I liked Nika for her sacrifice for her brother, she appeared weak and vulnerable but was actually determined and loyal to her family. She had issues with intimacy and trust but her attraction to Vicente was overpowering. 

Vicente had his tragic past to deal with and his relationship with Nika started with forbidden lust and moved on to protectiveness and care without losing the chemistry between them. I expected him to act more roguh and tough but I also quite liked how patient and tender he was with Nika. What annoyed me about him how he kept seeing himself as unworthy of her love, his self-doubt was too much.  

The story involved a intermix of Russian and Italian mobsters together with bikers which created a lot of tension but also brought to the fore the relationships typical for both organizations - loyalty, sense of honour and brotherhood.

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