Review: Unravel by Calia Read


Title: Unravel
Author: Calia Read
Date of publication: 15 Feb 2014
Genre: Psychological mystery, abuse

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My rating: 5 stars

Goodreads Blurb

Six months ago, I was happy. I was simply Naomi Carradine. 

One month ago, I was admitted into a psych ward. 

Yesterday, Lachlan visited me. Kissed me. And told me that I’m starting to lose my mind. 

Hours later, Max haunted my thoughts, reminding me I’m not crazy and that he needs my help. 

A few minutes ago, I drifted further from reality, trying to unravel the past. 

And now...everyone thinks I’m insane. But, I know he's real, and I know he needs me. 

Do you believe me?


I'm always curious about books with characters dealing with mental/psychological issues, so I was very much intrigued by the vague and cryptic blurb of this book. After reading it, I can say that it turned out to be a beautifully told story of psychological trauma. It was stunning and it's definitely one of my top reads for 2014 so far.

This is the story of Naomi who finds herself in mental hospital fighting with the voices in her head. The story unravels as she shares her past with her doctor. Starting 10 years before, we meet Lachlan (the hero) and Lana (the best friend) and it was one year before Naomi's mental breakdown that Max (the new love interest) entered her life. It's NA story since the characters are in their early 20s, yet it's not your typical NA college story. It's a story about the worst kind of abuse, the psychological trauma caused by it and the struggles of the heroine to overcome it.

I guessed some of the mystery early on by part of it remained unclear to me till the very end. The story kept me on the edge the whole time I was reading it. The parts with Naomi in the mental institution, fighting the voices in her head were especially powerful and captivating. I was sucked into her world and kept wondering right till the very end about her, Lachlan, Max and Lana. What is real and what isn't? Whom to believe - Naomi or the others? The journey into Naomi's mind was painful, her present state of mind quite disturbing and unclear. 

Despite the gloomy mood for most of the book, there is also some hot loving and romance. What I felt was missing was a little more insight on Lachlan - both in their childhood and in their relationship in the present. I keep asking myself - when did he learn the truth, why he didn't act earlier, could he have done something different to save Naomi some pain and suffering, what was he thinking about Max. I guess it would have ruined some of the mystery but there are moments in the story where I felt his POV was crucial.

The greatest strength of the book is that it stayed with me after I finished it. I kept thinking back to what I've read and trying to put back into place all the event and facts, now that I knew the real story. I loved the epilogue- it completed the story in the perfect way without sugarcoating things and going right away for a sweet happily ever after.

It's not an easy read, there is a lot of darkness and pain in it, but it's the kinds of book that you don't forget.

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