Review: The Davina Code by Janet Elizabeth Henderson


Title: The Davina Code
Author: Janet Elizabeth Henderson
Date of publication: 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My rating: 4 stars

Goodreads blurb

It's always annoying when romance gets in the way of your life goals. And falling in lust with Jack Miller is definitely getting in the way of Davina's plans. Davina has a movie to make and an acting career to resurrect - okay, so it was never alive in the first place, but that's not the point. The point is: she's hitting thirty and she wants to be famous. And if that means making an indie movie with "borrowed" film equipment and shooting the movie in Jack's house without permission - then so be it. 

She's a woman on a mission and nothing is going to stop her from achieving her dream. Not even her sexy, ex-cop, landlord who is pretty focused himself. Unfortunately his goals revolve around evicting her from his house, putting her in jail and getting her into bed - and he doesn't seem to mind what happens first. 

My review

I really enjoyed the story of Jack and Davina. Reading it was like watching a cute romantic comedy - heart-warming and lots of fun. I really liked Davina who was crazy funny and 1950s beautiful and Jack, oh Jack, he was a scary, and manly and growling and scolding, in short - just irresistible. I loved their almost surreal conversations and even crazier actions around one another. They were complete opposites, yet they in the end they turned out to be exactly what the one wants and needs. 

Their story was complemented by brilliant supporting characters - Marianne, Andy, the whole film crew. They added fullness to the story and contributed a number of laugh-out-loud episodes. 

I really enjoyed the dialogue in the novel, there were more than one moments when I was laughing almost hysterically. I also very much liked the writing style - British colloquialisms and a quirky sense of humour. 

My main concern was that the ending felt a bit rushed. Some lines in the plot were left unresolved. I would love to see Davina's reaction when she learns that Jack bugged her house? I am also curious how the situation of Jack getting her a special Mini as an apology played out. The marriage proposal at the end seemed a bit over the top, still I think that Davy and Jack got a very fitting happily ever after - funny and unexpected, but ultimately very sweet.

This book was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.

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