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Top Ten Tuesday is weekly meme hosted The Broke and the Bookish. There is a new topic for each week and the participating bloggers are invited to post their Top Ten lists on it. It is a fun feature for lovers of lists and so far I have come across it on many of the book blogs that I follow and often found new books to read through it.

Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

1. My ereader - I started with Nook last summer and switched to Kindle in the beginning of this year. and now I cannot imagine my life without it

2. Goodreads - Тhis site brought me back to reading and helped me start blogging about books

3. Amazon - its ebooks are avaible for purchase/download internationally thus I can read the latest titles without having to wait for them to become avaible on paperback in Bulgaria (whihc may never happen for some books)

4. The Book Depository and Better World Books - two sites which with free shipping even to Bulgaria which offer great choice of new and used paper backs and hard covers.

5. Blogspot - I started using this platform for my jewelry blog first and now for my book blog as well. 

6. Facebook - I follow a number of blogger and authors on FB whihc helps me keep track of latest titles, promotions and sales

7. Other book bloggers - I would be writing this blog if it weren't for all book blogger friends. I have learned so much from them.

8. Comfy bed to read in :)

9. Coffee and chocolate - my other two vices besides reading

10. Bad TV - not wasting time in front the TV instead of reading a good book.

All the rest, like my 'real' job and household duties just take up valuable time off my reading :)

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  1. I have really enjoyed speaking to other book bloggers about books. It's one of my favourite things to do, besides read!

  2. I completely agree about number 9 :) Especially the chocolate part! Nothing is better than a book and a chocolate bar.


    1. I knew I was not alone in my appreciation of good books and good chocolate :)

  3. LOL on the last one. Bad TV inspires me to turn it off and read as well. Love chocolate too. Thanks for sharing!


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