New Releases This Week 1-7 April 2013


Here are the new releases I am looking forward to this week. I can't honestly say which one I am most excited about.

I really liked Pushing the Limits, so I expect the same to happen with Crossing the Line, even though it is just a novella. 

Krsiten Ashley is one of my most favoutire authors and I have already read and enjoyed many of her novels. The Motorcycle Man is a particular favourite of mine and since the Choas series is a sort of spin-off of it an also considering what a huge fan I am of the TV series Sons of Anarchy, it is safe to say that I have some very high expectations of Own the Wind. Also, keep in mind that the excerpt of the book (Prologue and Chapter 1) published on KA's site already has me heart-broken and addicted to Shy and Tabby's story. 

Last, but not least, comes the Julie James's latest FBI/US Attorney novel, Love Irresistibly. I quite enjoyed her previous novels in the series, so this one should be no different. Ms James writes some pretty witty dialogue, strong-willed characters (both the heroes and heroines) and steamy hot scenes. So, in short I am looking forward to enjoying this novel a lot. 

1 April

Crossing the Line (Pushing the Limits 1.5)
Katie McGarry
Young Adult
2 April

Own the Wind (Chaos 1)
Kristen Ashley
2 April

Love Irresistibly (FBI/US Attorney 4)
Julie James

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