Happy Birthday to Abbi Glines


So, my blog is part of the Abbi Glines Birthday Bash organised by AToMR and here is my post to celebrate Ms Glines birthday. 

I discovered Ms Glines' books last summer starting with the Vincent boys Beau and Sawyer, then continued with Sadie and Jax and Marcus and whole Sea Breeze gang, finally coming to Blaire and Rush, looking eagerly forward to Woods' and Grant's stories later this year. 

I love all her characters and I get emotionally involved with their stories but my most favourite couple is Cage and Eva from While It Lasts. So, after thinking long and hard how to express my love and admiration for Ms Glines and her work and finally decided to give you a short excerpt of Cage and Eva's story.

This scene is a favourite of mine because it tells so much both about Cage and about Eva. He is a bad boy, yet a gentleman, a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. Eva is innocent and sweet and she is just beginning to explore her feelings and desires. It is a wonderful moment in their story!

"Looking for something?" Cage asked behind me.

I turned around to face him and almost swallowed my tongue when my eyes met his naked chest, I'd admired it from afar but never up close. It was better up close.

"An engaged lady shouldn't be looking at another man like she wants to take e lick." The teasing tone in his voice told me he didn't really mind my gawking at him at all. He was enjoying it.

"Who said I wanted to take a lick?" I replied, surprised at my own response. Was that flirting I had just done? I wasn't sure I'd ever flirted.

Cage ran a hand through his hair and let out a short deep laugh. "Maybe we ought to change the subject." Cage was nervous. Had my comment just made him nervous?

"You brought up the licking Cage, not me." I waited to see how he'd react this time.

"Yeah, I guess I did," he drawled and took a step toward me, Okay, so maybe I hadn't made him nervous. Guys like Cage probably didn't get nervous, "If you really want to talk about licking, I'll happily oblige."

Oh, my. Now, I was nervous. Cage reached out and took my left hand in his. The warmth from his callused palm my entire body tingle. "Only problem with talking about licking with is that it gives me ideas. I start thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about. Things that will only torment me 'cause I'll never know just how sweet you taste. I may be a lot of things Eva, might even be a few of them names you called me but I'm not gonna touch what belongs to another man." 
I opened my mouth to say something and stopped when Cage lifted my left hand to his mouth and kissed my ring finger. Then his tongue darted out and just barely skimmed the top of my hand. He grinned wickedly.

At some point, I'd stopped breathing. When my lungs started burning I took a deep breath and Cage let my hand fall back to my side. "Sorry, I had to take a small taste." Then he winked at me and turned toward the door.

I stood silently as he walked back outside in the summer heat."

This is my way of saying Happy birthday, Abbi Glines! Thank you for all the amazing, sweet and heart-warming stories you write and share with us! 

What is a birthday party without presents? This time the presents are not just for our birthday girl but also for  all her fans. AToMR tours have organised a giveaway running 16-20 April 2013.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Abbi! I hope the coming year will be a happy and productive one for you...and that would be a gift for your readers, as well. Have a great one!


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