Review: Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley


Title: Music of the Heart
Author: Katie Ahsley
Date of publication: 2 April 2013
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
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My rating: 3 stars

This is my first book by Katie Ashley and I got hooked up to reading it because of all the teasers and pictures she was posting on her site.

I had very big expectations starting this book and even though I enjoyed reading it, it did not meet them fully.
The story has all the elements of my kind of story - romance between a bad boy rock star and proper, goody-two shoes virgin who is singer/musician herself. The book has its sweet moments and romantic gestures but overall it failed to impress me. 

I felt that Abby was presented far too innocent and sweet to be true. I also did not like how everybody was immediately enamoured with her. 

I did like Jake, though. At the beginning we see him  as a typical rockstar womaniser but when he meets Abby, he immediately changes. His emotional freakouts after they get together seem out of the blue and he recovers from them far too quickly. He barely has time to think about what he is done and he is already asking Abby to forgive him. And there is Abby who forgive and forgets far too easily, I think. This made the conflicts between them unrealistic and unconvincing. 

Enough with the criticism. There were also a lot of things in this book that I enjoyed. The romance between Jake and Abby was really tender and sweet. I liked Jake's bandmates and the interactions among them.

Even though I as not particularly impress with this novel, I still plan on reading Katie Ahsley's The Proposition and the Proposal. You can check her website for teasers, pictures and trivia on her works. Follow Katie Ashley on Pinterest if you enjoy visualizing books into pictures. 

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  1. I felt the same way as you did with this story, Ellie. It was a fun read but it wasn't as good as I hoped. I also felt like she forgave him way too easily!! Wonderful review. :)


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