New Releases This Week 29 April - 5 May 2013


There is just one new release for me this week, but it is one that I am really looking forward to. It is Colleen Hoover's This Girl. This is the story of Will and Lake which we read in Slammed (I totally loved this one) but this time it is told from Will's point of view. It will be the first time for me to read the same story in a separate book told from the other person's POV. I have some concerns that being familiar might make it repetitive and boring but we will have to wait and see how it will go.

Just a quick note on the cover. I don't know what it is about it but I really don't like it. It seems too bright, colourful, overall not a good fit for the story. I loved the cover of Slammed and expected something more sophisticated.

30 April

This Girl      (Slammed 3)

Young Adult Romance

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