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As most of you already know Google Reader will be going out of business as of 1 July 2013, so we need a new way to follow our favourite blogs and to allow our readers to follow us. Since I started my blog after the announcement that the Google Reader will not be available any more, since currently I am not following that many blogs, I decided to wait some time and see which of the new solutions will serve me best. 

Increasingly, I have come to notice that my friends with book blogs show a preference for Bloglovin in the place of GFC. This week I decided it is time to give it a try. 

It has a nice interface and it is very user-friendly. I managed to transfer all the blogs that I am currently following into it without any problems. The claiming of my blog was also done almost effortlessly on my part. Even for someone like me, who is not particularly technically savvy, it was easy to install the Follow me button on my blog. 

In short, I can say that I quite like Bloglovin so far. I hope it will work for you too. 

You can follow me by clicking on Bloglovin icon in the left column of the blog. 

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