Review: The Space Between by Victoria H. Smith


Title: The Space Between
Date of publication: 2 March 2013
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
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My rating: 4 stars

The ARC of the book was provided by the author for exchange of an honest review.

The Space Between tells the love story of two young people with different backgrounds in terms of money, social status, ethnicity. They are forced to overcome the disapproval of the others and their own insecurities and doubts in order to achieve their happily ever after. 

The story is told from a dual point of view and it works really well. The story is told in convicing and amusing manner, yet at times I struggled with writing style. It was too elaborate and sounded artificial and imposed on the characters. There are also quite a few repetitions throughout the novel.

Out of the two main characters, Lacey and Drake, I liked Drake more. His voice came out are more unique and belivable. As whole I find his character not without flaws or inconsistencies. At one moment he acts mature and in the next he is really childish. Still, I enjoyed him a lot. 

Lacey on the other hand, was not a favourite of mine, expecially in the beginning of the story. She was really judgemental and came too quickly to the wrong conclusions. I find some inconsistencies in her character, as well. In the course of the novel with the development of her realtionship with Drake and her position in his home (especially her behaviour towards his sister), she gained more of my sympathy. 

I enjoyed the whole racial mix in the novel - Drake is Korean, adopted by white parents, Lacey is half African-Amrican, half white. I love how their different ethnic background actually brought them closer together. 

I find the find the secondary characters in the novel well developed and fitting to the story. I liked Drake's little sister and their relationship. I liked Cooper as well, and I feel bad for the way Drake and Lacey tried to use him. Ashley, on the other hand, was a strong and conving charatcer in the beginning - the spoiled rich girl who is after Drake. Her sudden transformation into a nice, modest even, girl when she starts college is quite unrealistic and out of place. 

As regards the plot, there are some weak moments (Drake thinking that Derrick will kill him, Lacey calling the cops on Drake, the whole double date episode, Drake severing his relationship with his family, yet taking his little sister with him to Paris). I particularly disliked the sex-in-the-public-restroom scene. In my opinion it did not fit with nature of Drake and Lacey's relationship. The same goes for Lacey's nipple piercings - she comes from the ghetoo, yet she is presented as someone with natural class and high moral and ethical standards and somehow they don't fit her.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It has its flaws but the story sucks you in and the characters grow on you gradually. The happy end in Paris did leave me with a smile on my face. 

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