Update on Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan


This post is just a brief not on the upcoming release of the final book, Out of Breath, of the Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan next week. 

It has been a long and torturous wait that is nearly over. I cannot describe how excited and a little scared I am to read the finale of this series. I really loved Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing. I read both books last year before I started my blog, so I haven't reviewed them here. I do plan to write a review of the complete series after I finish Out of Breath.

If you haven't heard about this series, or haven't read it yet, I strongly encourage you to do it. These are YA/NA (in the third book the characters will be in college, so I guess it is NA) novels that deal with a very heavy subject - domestic violence and child abuse. They are not all dark and gloomy, though. I think they are realistic and carry a glimmer of hope for salvation through real friendship and true love. 

Not to go into too much details about book 1 and 2, I will focus more on the upcoming conclusion of the story. Ms Donovan has answered some questions about Out of Breath (no spoilers, I guarantee) on her website. What I was most excited to learn is that Jonathan will be getting his story told in a separate set of  three books and I really hope for a happy end for him. He is a rather controversial character - I feel deeply for him, yet I felt uncomfortable with the way he was introduced into Emma's life. 

I also recommend to check the soundtrack for Out of Breath suggested by Ms Donovan. All the soundtracks suggested by Ms Donovan complement wonderfully her stories. 

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