New Releases 24- 30 June 2013


The new release I am looking forward this week is the romantic suspense novel Search Me by Katie Ashley. I have read two of her previous books - Music of the Heart (my review) and Don't Hate the Player ... Hate the Game (which I plan to review shortly). I am not a big fan of romantic suspense, so far either the romance, or the suspense did not work for me in the books I have read. I hope this one will change my opinion. 


30 June

Search Me

Katie Ashley

Romantic suspense

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  1. Hi. I have come upon your question in!topic/blogger/cuVJAMAZpKQ about linkwithin not working. How were you able to fix it? As I can see from your blog now, it's working. What did you do? I hope you can help me out. Thank you.

    1. Well, I wrote a few emails to LinkWithIn but did not get any reply. At some point the widget just started working properly. It took quite some time - more than a month and initially it was rotating the same limited number of post even though I kept publishing news ones. My guess is that they are swamped with requests and it takes a really long time to index new blogs. Hope this info was helpful. Good luck!


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