Mini Review: Bodies in Space by shukyou


Title: Bodies in Space
Date of Publication: 25 June 2012
Genre: Romance, M-m, Novelette

My rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Blurb 

Isaac didn't make mistakes. He was a very thorough and hard worker, and had been praised for that by his supervisor on so many occasions that he'd lost count, and something had to happen very many times before Isaac lost count of it. Words: 21382

My Mini Review

It's a tender love story between two young men, one of whom is in the autistic spectrum and it's told entirely form his POV. It's very moving without being too sentimental. The story gives us an insight into the mind of a person with autism and how he sees the world around him and his attempts to find his place and live a full life.

The main hero's (Issac) voice is captivating and powerful with its simplicity and naivete. Issac sees the world in black and white. His sincerity about his feelings and total lack of pretense made this beautiful love story feel very real. 

There is no glossing over of the real-life issue both Issac and Rick face but their difficulties are not overdone either. The story offers a perfect balance between romance and realism. In its succinct form (short story/novelette) it shows that everybody needs love and can give love in return. 

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