15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 15


This is the final day of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. It was my first challenge and I have to say taking part in it was great fun.

Today we share our book blogging mentors. 

I don't really have blogging mentors, just book blogs which I really like and follow. I try to incorporate some of the things I admire in them in my blog with varying success.

My favourite book blogs are not really personal blogs, they are maintained by more than one person but I like the style of their reviews and their overall look/form.

Smexy Books has a special place in my heart. The girls over there mentioned/recommended my review of Neanderthal Seeks Human (I had just started blogging) and I have been their fan ever since. I like their reviews and features. They focus mainly on romance and erotica and I regularly pick new titles based on their recommendations.

Fiction Vixen is a similar multi-author book blog which I read regularly. It is a great place to read reviews and find new books. Recently they teamed up with the girls from Smexy Books and I am looking forward to that collaborations.

The third similar blog that like and follow to is Dear Author. It is offers a wealth of info on romance books and I really like the style of the reviews published there. They post daily deals which are much appreciated. I also enjoy their feature First page where authors submit anonymously the first page of their work for comments. I don't participate in the discussion as I don't feel confident enough to give advice but I follow all the comments.

This is the top 3 of my favourite book blogs. I follow a number of personal blogs and they all have different features that I really like. There are too many to mention, but I would like to thank them all for being my inspiration to start my own blog. I am especially indebted to my Goodreads friends - Katy and Mitch at A Girl, a Boy and a Blog, Lex at Fastidious Reader, Ornella at Unraveling Words, Zemira at YA Fanatic, Tatiana at The Readventurer, Emily at The Book Geek and Jennifer at Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews, reading their reviews and later their personal blogs led to creation of this blog.

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  1. Those three blogs are some of my favorites too especially Smexybooks! I don't have any mentors, but I use book blogs I love to help me figure things out. Great answer!

    1. And...since I'm a dunce...thanks for mentioning me! I feel loved!

    2. You are welcome! You have great features on your blog and like your reviews :)


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