15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 14


14. Tell us your deal breakers!

I interpret this in two ways - general themes/characteristics of book that will stop me from picking up the particular book, and on the other hand - things in a book I am already reading which will make me put it in the DNF pile.

So, here we go with the deal breakers stopping me to pick a book. I generally read all genres, but still there are certain things which I avoid. Stories about vampires and werewolves are not my cup of tea, even though I sometimes I read paranormal romances. Out of contemporary fiction I shy away from erotica and BDSM in particular, stories of CEOs and billionaires meeting innocent (virgin) and naive girl also put me off.

Now, about books that I have already started - I dislike love triangles and cheating, especially when the author condones it is a big no-no for me. I am not a fan of stories with secret (hidden) baby and I really hate it when the characters love each other but keep dating other people because they don't think the other person loves them or they see themselves unworthy of this love. I don't enjoy such stories, but more often than not, I finish the book, just to see the ending.

The real deal breakers that make a book DNF for me have to be flat and unrealistic characters that get on my nerves and unjustified plot developments that come out of the blue. If the story is engaging enough I may skim through to the end, but generally I give up if I can't connect with the characters. Time is too precious to waste it on bad books when there are some many good/wonderful/amazing ones waiting for me to read them.

There was an interesting iconographic recently on Goodreads on the Psychology of Abandonment (why reader do not finish some books). Are some of your deal breaker mentioned there?

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