News Update on Champion by Marie Lu


One of my favourite YA dystopian series is Legend by Marie Lu. I absolutely loved both Legend and Prodigy and now I can't wait for the final instalment of the series, Champion. The initial information was the the third book will be released some time in 2014 which is really far away for a fan like me. You can imagine how happy and excited was I a few days ago when I learned that Champion is actually coming out on 5 November 2013

In a sweet but short interview for Entertainment Weekly Ms Lu revealed not only the release date of Champion but also its cover. I have to say that I personally really like the covers both of Legend and Prodigy, but I think that the cover of Champion is simply amazing. In her interview Ms Lu also shared the basics the plot of the new book, as well as some exciting news about making the series into a movie. I honestly don't know what I am most excited about, the release date, the cover, the story development or the movie news. All of them together make some very, very happy news for the Legend fans!

If you have not yet read this series and you are curious about, you can check my review of Prodigy. 

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