Review: Yes & I Love You


Title: Yes & I Love You (Say everything #1)
Author: Roni Loren
Date of publication: 2 March 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mental health rep

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My rating: 3 Stars


Everyone knows Miz Poppy, the vibrant reviewer whose commentary brightens the New Orleans nightlife. But no one knows Hollyn, the real face behind the media star...or the fear that keeps her isolated. When her boss tells her she needs to add video to her blog or lose her job, she's forced to rely on an unexpected source to help her face her fears.

When aspiring actor Jasper Deares finds out the shy woman who orders coffee every day is actually Miz Poppy, he realizes he has a golden opportunity to get the media attention his acting career needs. All he has to do is help Hollyn come out of her shell…and through their growing connection, finally find her voice.


This was a very interesting romance, a first for me in some ways. It's the first time I read a romance with an MC who has Tourette's. I can only judge the representation from an outsider's perspective and I would say it was done with care and compassion. 

I am a fan of Roni Loren, her The Ones Who Got Away series is super despite the heavy subject matter it deals with. I had great hopes for this new series as well and while there were a lot of things that I loved about it, it also had a number of flaws in my eyes. 

The start was great, Hollyn was such an amazing heroine. Her POV gives us a deep insight in her life and daily struggles with Tourette's and social anxiety. She is brave and determined, working to build her personal and professional life. She is so vulnerable, has scars from being bullied in school and then sheltered at home. Yet she is putting herself out there, doing things, taking risks, but also making grown up plans, acting responsibly. And she gets professional help for her mental health issues. And strong support from her best friend (more on him later because there is a lot to that plotline). 

The hero, on the other hand, I have mixed feelings about him. Jasper is a struggling improv actor with ADHD. Hollyn finds very attractive, there is great chemistry between them. Neither of them feels ready for a relationship and they try things as friends-with-benefits, and naturally end up catching feelings. 

I am convinced of his unconditional love, awe even, of Hollyn, but at the same time I can't help but feel that she deserved better, someone taking real care not to hurt her or make her life more difficult. Jasper came off as too immature, he was trying hard to be better, to act like a grown up, but failed repeatedly. He did a couple of things through the story that are inexcusable in my book and she just forgave him all too easily.

I also felt there is some issues regarding the balance of power in their relationship - she was an entertainment reviewer and a positive review of his improv group was make or break for them. There is this underlying doubt that he was with her only to further his career. 

Going back to her best friend. I loved that she had a best friend who cared so much for her and then, boom their relationship took an unexpected turn that I was so annoyed with. I felt there was no need for it, it was unfair both to her and to him. 

Overall, after a great start, this romance didn't go as great as I expected. The story tried to cover too many issues and some fell into the background, and ultimately the HEA was not convincing enough for me. I would say it is still worth reading this romance, even if for Hollyn alone.

CW: social anxiety, MC with Tourette's, ADHD rep, parental neglect

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  1. Oh, man, how sad this didn't work out (trying not to guess 'out loud' the twist in that friendship, but feeling irked all the same).


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