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After getting some lovely notes from blog readers saying how much they enjoyed the Friday Favourites posts I decided to re-start them. I'm very happy to welcome as my first gust in this new edition of the feature, Laura Bailo, author of queer fiction. You can learn more about her and her debut mm romance, The Sun Also Rises in her New and Debut post  from this spring. Today she shares some of her favourite things in the world and introduces the just released collection of 10 lesbian/bisexual paranormal stories, The Holy Company.

Friday Favourites 

Thank you so much for having me, Ellie! I’m excited to take the seat and answer your questions, though I admit I may curse once or twice along the way. 

1. Favourite place: in the entire world? That’s a difficult one. I love Pamplona, and I think I’m lucky to live here. It’s a beautiful city and I really enjoy walking around and showing it off to people when they visit. Within the city itself I’d say my favourite place is the old town – and there’s a café I really love called Café Iruña, right in the city centre. I love sitting there, drinking coffee and watching people come and go. 

Outside of Pamplona, I visited Edinburgh a few years ago and fell completely in love with the city. I’m dying to visit again. 

2. Favourite food and drink: drink is easy – coffee. I’ve been trying to drink less, and I’ve actually managed to go from 5 cups a day to two most days, although there are still days when I’ll have three or four (don’t tell anyone!) As for food… I don’t think I have a favourite? I love cooking, and I love food. If I had to choose, though, I’d probably be a tie between a Spanish omelette and my mum’s chicken in almond sauce. 

3. Favourite music/genre/artist/song: you know? The other day I noticed that I don’t listen to music as much as I did before. I remember my university years I couldn’t live without music; I was always listening to something and singing along. I don’t think I’ve listened to anything new in months. I’ve always been a rock lover, so I’ll go with that. 

4. Favourite movie/TV series: this changes from time to time, and I’ve got a lot of favourites. I’ve been watching Stargate SG-1 lately, and loving it. And I can always rewatch the BBc’s versions of Merlin and Sherlock. And of course there’s Doctor Who! But please don’t make me choose a movie, we’ll be here forever! 

5. Favourite hobby besides writing, if you consider writing a hobby: as much as I grumble and stress over writing, it’s more than a hobby to me; it’s something I need to do to keep myself sane, it’s a part of who I am. When it comes to hobbies, I love board games, and doing puzzles. And reading, I couldn’t live without books.

6. Favourite books: this may be the most difficult question yet. I’m going to go with recent reads, or we’ll be here forever. I love Matthew J. Metzger, and I’ve loved most of what I’ve read by him, but I recently read Private and outright adored it, especially the dad – the clueless dad that loved his sons no matter what, even if he didn’t understand things. Jigs and Reels by Leigh M. Lorien was a lovely novella that I enjoyed a lot, with a permanent smile while reading. Right now I’m reading the Chaos Station series by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen, and while it’s killing me and making me cry, it’s a series that will stay with me for a long time. Team Phison by Chace Verity made me happy; I read it in one sitting and I adored the characters and the way their relationship developed. And I’ve also recently read the two books available of the Hong Kong Nights series by JC Long and those kept me glued to the page, waiting to see what would happen next. I made it to five right? I’m going to leave it there or I could be talking books all day.

Into the Mystic, vol. 2, an anthology of 10 lesbian/bisexual paranormal short stories, featuring the following authors: Elna Holst, Valentine Wheeler, A. Fae, Sita Bethel, CC Bridges, Laura Bailo, Jacqueline Rohrbach, MK Hardy, Lina Langley, TS Porter

It was released on Oct 16 by Nine Star Press.

Green Love – Have you heard about the aspen clone in the heart of Blackwood forest? Some say it’s enchanted, while others…
Dead Letter – Signed, sealed, delivered…or was it?
Seaside Escape – Just because it's been done for generations doesn't mean it should be.
Dressed in Wolf Skin – She was never particularly fond of werewolves, but she hated skinwalkers.
Unraveled – Summer can hack their magic, but she can't hack her own heart.
The Holy Company – On an ancient holy path, they will come face to face with one of the local legends.
Vampire Hours – One’s a vampire. The other is human. One wants forever. The other wants everything to end.
To the Sea – Sometimes you just have to hold your breath and dive in.
Holy Water – She might be the most dangerous being in the world, but Clara is still in love with her.
Lighthouse Five – Is it possible for a mermaid and a human to build a relationship?

Add to Goodreads / Buy links: Nine Star / Amazon

Laura Bailo’s story: The Holy Company

Sophie curses the day she said yes to Anna’s idea of walking Saint James’s Way in Spain. She’s exhausted, and she doesn’t think she can keep her feelings for her a secret for much longer. But a day of rest soon turns into a nightmare when they come face-to-face with one of the local legends, and Sophie’s secret is no longer safe.

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