Review: Goddess Rising by Alexi Lawless


Title: Goddess Rising (Complicated Creatures #0.5)
Author: Alexi Lawless
Date of publication: 22 September 2015
Genre: Romantic suspense, New Adult

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My rating: 3 Stars


She’s a bad-ass. 
He’s a bad-boy. 
One photograph changes everything.

Samantha’s been living in the shadow of her father all her life. But now she’s got plans of her own… and they don’t involve the university’s hottest walking one-night stand. 

When Samantha Wyatt finally gets out from under her father’s thumb, she sets her mind on one thing: making a name for herself that has absolutely nothing to do with him. But when she meets the incredibly distracting and utterly relentless Wesley Elliott, she realizes there may be more to life than a good reputation.

Wesley’s the undisputed king of easy-come, easy-go—until a beautiful, mysterious girl walks right past his camera… and his photograph of her becomes an obsession.

But Samantha’s no easy lay, and she’s definitely not a typical college girl. She’s fierce, driven, and completely focused on winning the Ranger Challenge, one of the toughest military competitions ever created. Wes now finds himself in unfamiliar territory—busting his ass to keep up with her and discovering the extent of his own talents in the process. 

Goddess Rising is a coming-of-age novel unlike any you've ever read, and it will leave you asking: Who says you have to do what you’re told?


This is a prequel to the Complicated Creatures romantic suspense series. It tells the story of Samantha during her college years when she meets Wes and how she came to be the amazing and fearless lady we meet in Complicated Creatures.

This is a New Adult full length novel and I liked the overall idea of reading about Sam's journey towards adulthood. The writing was just as strong and as addictive as in the rest of the series but there was something missing for me.

It's told from dual POV - Sam and Wes, though other characters spoke up occasionally. The romance was the best element of the story, together with Sam's military training. I liked seeing a younger Sam, more vulnerable, inexperienced, yet strong and determined. We see a lot of Wes as well and though Jack is my favourite in the series, now I have better understanding of Wes and why he did the things he did. 

That said, here is the main issue I had with this prequel. The characters really didn't read like college kids - 19/20 year-olds. I understand the unique and privileged position Sam comes from but Wes and she and all the other college kids acted far too mature/knowing for their age. In a way I felt we met the same Sam from Complicate Creatures with just some shyness and inexperience added.

As much as I like Sam's character as this amazing, determined girl growing up, literally fighting her way to be an awesome, strong, independent lady we meet in the later books, I strongly disliked how every man she met fell for her. I 'm not really a fan of the trope of a beautiful girl who is a bit of Tom-boy and  who is not aware of her beauty and has every male who meets fall in love with her.

I was also expecting more of the ending. I felt an important part connecting the prequel with the next book was missing. I still want to finish these series, the intrigue just gest more and more complex and exciting. I hope the final book will clear all uncertainties and Sam will get her much deserved HEA.

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