Top Ten Tuesday 07


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Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

1. Cheating, especially when the author condones it. 

2. Love triangles, especially when it is obvious who will be picked eventually.

3. Unrealistic characters - I really hate it when characters turn out to be just stereotypical clichés.

4. Too much violence and cursing - I am not a prude but when there is more swearing and foul language than story, I am definitely not happy with that book.

5. Repetition – sometimes it is just the same phrases used again and again, other times I feel the character repeat the same arguments/discussions/actions without moving forward.

6. Lengthy descriptions of appearance, clothing, make-up. They may be important for the character presentation but when they are too lengthy, they just get boring. 

7. When the author uses letters (hidden and then suddenly revealed) to explain a particular situation.  

8. When previously unknown siblings/relatives appear out of the blue

9. When a character has an abrupt and totally unjustified change of heart, usually a bad boy/girl turns good overnight.

10. Bad book cover - this is not exactly part of the story, but a bad cover can really put me off from buying and reading the book.

What are you turn-offs? Leave me a comment and I will stop by your TTT post to check them out!

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  1. cheating was number 1 on my list
    here is mine

    1. Cheating definitely my No1 turn-off. I can't accept it in real life and in books.

  2. All of these go along with bad or sloppy writing, I think. Disappointing to me.

    Here's my Top Ten.

  3. Your #1 is my #1 too. Its bad enough, but when its condoned, its even worse!

  4. I agree with all of these! The mysterious relatives thing gets on my nerves so much. Thanks for sharing.


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