The Edge of Always by J. A. Redmerski


Recently J. A. Redmerski announced that there will be a sequel to her very successful novel The Edge of Never. What we have learned so far from the author's site is that The Edge of Always will tell the story of Camryn and Andrew mostly from Andrews POV. 

I absolutely loved the first book. For me it is complete as a stand-alone and I am not sure how well a sequel will work. The Edge of Never has dual POVs and an epilogue that completes the journey of the characters. Finishing the book I didn't feel the need for continuation or further elaboration of any part of it. 

This said, I liked Andrew a lot and I would enjoy reading more from him - his own journey and thoughts on life and love. 

I can only hope that the second book will live up to the high quality of the first. We will have to wait and see what J. A. Redmerski will offer us. In the meantime, stay tuned for news on the cover (it will be matching the cover of The Edge of Never which is pretty amazing) and the release date of The Edge of Always.

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